Wireless network group Ondas buys American Robotics for $70 M

Licensed wireless data network specialist Ondas Holdings announced it has acquired enterprise drone maker American Robotics in a deal valued at $70.6 million. Ondas’s software-based wireless broadband capacities are intended to strengthen performance of American Robotics’ fully automated unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV).

Better communication for improved drone analysis

The deal aims to provide clients in utility, industrial, and agricultural sectors with enhanced communications and internet-of-things (IoT) application capacities in American Robotics drones. As a result, the partners say, in-flight performance and information analyses of American Robotics UAV will be considerably improved, giving customers a bigger data bang for their droning buck.

American Robotics was the first – and to date, only – company to receive Federal Aviation Administration approval for beyond-visual-line-of-sight drone flights without a human ground controller. Its UAV operate with…