Despite all the excitement ignited by Sunday’s 60 Minutes report on UFOs, people in the Washington DC area shouldn’t speed dial Fox Mulder if they spot something strange in the skies this month. That’ll just be the US Secret Service putting their drones through the moves.

Cloak and droner operation

Just hours after the 60 Minutes segment featured a variety officials backed up by military video footage detailing numerous sightings of astonishing, perhaps other worldly flying objects, the Secret Service revealed it will be conducting drone flights over the greater DC area. Ever so slightly loosening its famously tight lips, the Secret Service said it will conduct the drone operations from May 17 to the end of the month. 

It described – nearly, anyway – the activity as part of its “protective mission” carried out “in conjunction with the FAA and other federal, state and local partners.”

The agency has flown experimental drone missions in the capital…