American Robotics

Source: American Robotics

Wireless broadband company Ondas Holdings has acquired drone company American Robotics in a $70.6 million deal.

Founded in 2016, American Robotics brings its Scout drone system to Ondas’ portfolio—the first drone system to receive FAA regulatory approvals for autonomous flight. “This gives the company an exclusive first-mover advantage to unlock the commercial drone market by overcoming the need for costly visual observers to be on the ground during every drone flight,” an Ondas statement noted.

For Ondas, the acquisition will help integrate its technology platforms and increase automation, data collection, and AI-powered analytics in industrial markets to improve maintenance, monitoring and operation of critical infrastructure.

American Robotics’ Scout System will be integrated into Ondas FullMAX platform, a networking solution data communications solution for field area operations.

The company plans to use the Scout System as a mobile data…