Man City stadium drone fly-through redux

Last week’s post of the spectacular one-shot fly-through of Manchester City’s Etihad Stadium was for the video fans (and soccer fanatics) out there. This one’s for you hardcore, acrobatic piloting types.

Drone video’s visual backstory

There isn’t a lot to add to the visual content and audio storyboard reading of the flight as it progresses, so we’ll keep this short and (hopefully) sweet. The new iteration of Man City’s eye-popping, celebratory drone tour of its home grounds is the behind-the-flight walk-through of the piloting and filming process. The club doesn’t give any additional information on who pulled it off or the hardware involved (though – please correct if this is wrong – the drone appears to be a Halo FPV model). But this new version is worth a peek for the experienced fliers always looking to push the piloting and cinematic windows ever wider. Who knows, there might be a maneuver or filming idea that jumps out from it.

Embedded below is the…