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Mr. Dan Pearson of the Arkansas Department of Energy and Environment (“ADEE”) undertook a presentation on May 15th as part of the Arkansas Environmental Federation Land & Sustainability Webinar Series addressing:

Arkansas Department of Energy and Environment UAV/Drone Program (“Presentation”)

Mr. Pearson serves as ADEE’s UAV Program Manager.

A number of state environmental agencies and environmental service organizations utilize unmanned aerial systems (“UAV” [i.e., “drones”]) for various purposes. For example, a February 2021 Environmental Council of the States (“ECOS”) report notes that state environmental agencies have used drones to undertake activities such as:

  • Surveillance
  • Enforcement
  • Permit support documentation
  • Waste and landfill inspections
  • Illegal dumping of chemicals, oils, or waste tires
  • General emergency response functions including facility discharges, train derailments, truck accidents, and oil spills
  • Investigation…