Use of drones, robotic dog in NY police intervention spark debate

Recurring debate over police use of drones has resumed after authorities in upstate New York flew an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) as part of their search of a suspected gun offender’s home. That was preceded by a hubbub sparked by police in New York City using a robotic dog in certain interventions.

Search warrants conducted via UAV

Deployment of drones in a variety of capacities has become standard operating procedure for police forces across the world. Yet their use in surveillance or searches often generates objections over privacy and civil liberties concerns. Those arose again this month when federal agents flew a UAV into a Poughkeepsie, NY apartment while executing a search warrant. 

Video the craft streamed back to cops captured the suspect tossing a handgun out of a window. The man was subsequently arrested and booked on possession of a fire arm while subject to court-ordered restrictions prohibiting it. The entire cooperation was completed without incident –…