DNV to develop framework for automated wind turbine drone inspection

Norway-based DNV, an independent expert in assurance and risk management, has launched a research project to develop a framework for data verification and validation in fully automated drone inspections of wind turbine blades.

With the University of Bristol and Perceptual Robotics joining in as partners, DNV wants to address the need for reliable, fully automated processing of drone data in the UK inspection industry.

Right now, this process largely remains semi-autonomous with dependence on visual inspections of image data by trained experts. DNV and its partners, however, are looking to leverage machine learning technologies to create artificial intelligence (AI) models capable of autonomously classifying and segmenting drone data and detecting blade defects.

Now, before you point out that automated windfarm inspection is nothing new, note that Perceptual Robotics and the University of Bristol have also been working on this concept since 2017, thanks to a generous UK…