Conformal coating: Is it worth it? You bet it is

While most FPV pilots have probably heard of conformal coating, there are a lot of people out there who haven’t. Today we cover – pun intended – what it is, how to do it and why?

The goal of conformal coating a quad is to make it water resistant. It’s a thin chemical layer that goes on top of your electronics to protect them from liquids and various gunk that would otherwise cause a short circuit. Unlike DJI drones, which have their electronics encased in a plastic shell, the electronics in FPV quads are pretty exposed. Which is fine under normal circumstances. Unless you crash into a puddle, mud, wet grass or snow. Then there’s a good chance that something will fry. Another example is if you’re filming some water sports and there’s a chance your quad will get splashed and drop out of the sky.

To prevent this from happening, we take some time to conformal coat everything except the motors. They don’t need conformal coating. Motors can run underwater just…