Sick of struggling through phone calls in noisy places (often made that way by people shouting into their mobiles above the ambient din)? Well, squads of noise-cancelling Sony drones may soon be sparing your ears.

Quiet-emitting drones

The Japanese electronics giant has filed an application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office for its specs of quiet-spreading unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV). The request, reviewed and detailed by tech patent specialists Founders Legal, details the use of several drones to squelch surrounding clamor in areas designated to get the silent treatment. 

The filing also outlines the possibility of racket-battling craft following specified people around to ensure they remain in their hushed bubble.

Endless uses for silence

Even after a year-plus of COVID-19-imposed separation and home confinement, it isn’t difficult to appreciate all the places and situations in which noise suppression technology would be a real gift. (In this case,…