Some great news for FPV pilots using the Hero5 Session. GoPro Labs now works with that camera, giving users simplified options and greater capabilities.

We’ve all been there: Fiddling around with settings on an action camera to ensure you’ve got the correct function enabled and that you’re recording. When you’re already going through a mental checklist prior to a First-Person-View drone flight, twiddling around with a camera is perhaps the last thing you feel like doing. If only there were a simpler way.

Oh wait. There is.

Some companies like to sell you a product and wave goodbye; companies like GoPro like to see creators get the absolute best experience from its products. Its Support Hub, for example, is a tremendous community resource for the GoPro creators. The Hub is filled with helpful articles, tips, discussion threads, and more. If you want to get the most from your camera and connect with others doing cool things, it’s the place to go.

But GoPro does…