eBlimp advertising drone at Interdrone 2019

Advertising is an important part of our economy. Ignoring our fears of a future sky polluted by flying advertisements, it is still quite possible for blimps and other drones to put your message into the air. Scale is the key, we’ve certainly seen aerial advertising before, but how big can you get?

I know what you’re thinking, a blimp is not a drone. I think we covered that it is, actually, in the sense that a blimp with no persons on-board is an unmanned aerial vehicle, the very definition of a drone, according to the FAA.

The typical drone we see around here is not an ideal tool to put a message into the sky. More than a few could handle the task, but not very gracefully. Traditional aerial advertising has seen the use of balloons, blimps and airplanes, but these all require a hefty investment and a trained pilot, not to mention cooperation from the weather and ATC.

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Know the laws! Flying an advertising drone is a commercial operation


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Source: dronerush.com