If you already own or have ordered a Skydio 2 drone, consider yourself lucky. The price of the product just jumped significantly.

The Skydio 2 has always been priced very reasonably. At $999 US for the basic kit, you get a drone with superior obstacle avoidance and tracking capabilities. In fact, it’s so good at this stuff that it’s actually very difficult to crash, because its vision-based system sees the world around it in full 360°. Plus, with additional software that unlocks other capabilities, it can do much more.

And now, it’s price reflects that.

Skydio 2 price hike

We’ve been to Skydio’s website many times in recent months. And the price for the basic Skydio 2 kit has always been the same: $999.

To be honest, that’s always struck us a good deal. This AI-enhanced product is significantly different from other drones. The tracking and obstacle avoidance are phenomenal. Plus, with additional software, it’s capable of outstanding scanning – even in…


Source: dronedj.com