Ohio community college offers first BA degrees in droning

Getting yourself formally schooled in unmanned vehicle aerial systems (UAS) is getting easier – and cheaper – all the time. This week, a college in Dayton, Ohio, awarded its first Bachelor of Applied Science degrees to drone-educated graduates.

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Though many four-year universities offer courses and degrees in UAS, Dayton’s Sinclair is among the far smaller number of community colleges providing full BA diplomas in the discipline in just two. Sinclair’s BA courses cover topics particular to drone building, operation, and regulation, as well as aviation technology/professional pilot curricula that airlines require. 

As such, holders of those Sinclair degrees have an even broader range of employment possibilities to choose from. Mugisha Kamana, UAS BA grad originally from Rwanda, told the local Dayton Daily News he plans to now embark on a career in aviation. By contrast, Preston Moore says he earned his diploma to pilot drones as a means of…