Drone’s astonishing one-shot Man City stadium fly-through

You don’t have to be a fan of newly crowned English Premier League champion Manchester City (and we aren’t. Go you Gooners!) to be wowed by the dazzling single-take drone fly-through video of the club’s Etihad Stadium. In fact, you don’t even have to like soccer. But try not to be gob-smacked by the world-class piloting in features.

Rollercoaster drone piloting

Man City released the spectacular film to celebrate the new league title – its fifth in the last decade. Perhaps sweeter still, its championship was mathematically guaranteed after a loss by cross-town arch-rival Manchester United. The whistle ending that match had scarcely blown when City fans throughout Manchester – and the world ­– exploded in celebration.

Just as quick to react were Man City officials, who immediately released their previously prepared video of Etihad Stadium to fete the event. The single-shot flight through the entry, hallways, grandstands, locker rooms and playing field is as…