Best nano drones – safely flying indoors

When we talk about toy-class drones, none represent the label better than a nano drone. These mini flying quadcopters are often smaller than the palm of your hand, and elicit laughter as they buzz around your living room. These are easy gifts to give to others, fun toys to learn from and an inexpensive way to safely get into the hobby.

    • 5 – Minutes
    • No camera
    • 7 – MPH
    • 150 – ft

    The Hubsan H111 is one of the best nano drones for flying around the house. It is a tiny machine that fits in the palm…

    • 5 – Minutes
    • No camera
    • Slow
    • 20 – ft

    The Syma X12 is a great indoor drone. It’s a toy-class machine that fits in the palm of the hand, safe practice for new pilots.

    • 5 – Minutes
    • No…