Shhh! Wing to use quieter drones in Australia

Google’s drone delivery cousin, Wing Aviation, says it will soon begin flying quieter drones on some of its routes in Australia. The step was presumably inspired by continuing grumbling among residents around Canberra about the high-pitched whirring of passing craft.

Too much racket for drone-dropped coffee and Charmin

The move was revealed scarcely a month after Wing celebrated its first full year of drone delivery around the Canberra area. That business has been generally popular around Australia’s capital city, with Wing flying a total of 20,700 km. in its first 12 months. Not surprisingly, the effects of the Covid pandemic provided an even greater boost to that activity.

Yet, concerns about privacy and complaints about the giant mosquito noise rotors emit continue to be voiced by some locals. Among the loudest have been from the town of Gungahlin and its suburbs to the north of the capital – especially from people aware that cups of coffee and toilet paper…