A Canadian storm chaser has pulled together a video from the 2020 chase year in Ontario. Andrew Macklin says he condensed 30 hours of storm footage down into four minutes. The best part? There are plenty of drone shots.

For many, storm chasing is a passion. It’s a combination of science, sleuthing, photography, videography, plus the sheer adrenaline rush of witnessing the raw power of Mother Nature. Many years ago I accompanied some Canadian and US chasers on a tour through tornado alley. They were long days (there’s a ton of driving involved), but I saw the most amazing storms of my entire life.

Back then, reliable consumer drones didn’t exist. Now, they’re often part of the storm chaser’s toolkit.

The backstory

There’s a guy we follow on Twitter. His name is Andrew Macklin (@amacklin10). He tweeted about the release of his video, so we had to click. What’s more, we had to ask him a few questions.

Hey! It’s Andrew!

Andrew is a biochemist by training and…


Source: dronedj.com