Drone soccer tournaments are coming to the United States: register now

Remember drone soccer? The sport that combines the competitiveness of soccer and the thrill and fun of flying drones? Well, come July, and Colorado will play host to the US’s first-ever drone soccer tournaments!

We’ve talked about drone soccer before, but here’s a refresher on how this fast-growing “e-sport” from South Korea works…

An introduction to drone soccer

Two teams of three to five drone pilots enter a caged arena with drones that are also enclosed in plastic spheres, hence giving them a soccer ball look. The cages ensure that the drones can crash without any damage to the machines. The pilots stand just outside the field of play.

A designated “striker” tries to pilot the drone through the opponent’s goal – a brightly lit hoop suspended at the opposite end. The opponents, meanwhile, try to stop the drone by attacking it and smashing it into oblivion.

Since the main aim of drone soccer at this moment is to get students interested in the…