We’re always happy to see news from Zipline. The organization saves lives every single day in Rwanda and Ghana, delivering critical medical supplies on demand to remote communities. And soon, that mission will expand to Nigeria’s Cross River State.

Zipline started flying back in 2016. Using an automated dispatch system, fixed-wing drones carry a small box that’s deployed with a parachute. Those small boxes might contain blood products, vaccination, antibiotics – whatever is needed. The drones initially operated with a Pilot-in-Command overseeing a console monitoring (and controlling) the flights of four drones simultaneously. Now, a single operator can keep watch over 24 aircraft at once.

It’s a really impressive service. And, we seem to recall, Zipline is now the world’s largest drone delivery operation in the world (and by far).

Cross River State

The region will be the first within the southern part of South-South Nigeria to use drones in this way. There will…


Source: dronedj.com