Australia’s specialized search and rescue drone maker, the Ripper Group, has announced its merger with Surf Life Saving Queensland (SLSQ). The agreement accompanies SLSQ taking an equity stake in the producers of the Little Ripper unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) through an undisclosed investment sum.

More effective UAP rescue development

The move marks the fusion of the Ripper Group with one of its largest clients. Management of the rebranded Ripper Corp. will be divided between directors from both partners. The union seeks to enhance development and operational synergies previously created through their overlapping and mutually nourishing pursuits. 

Through it, the Ripper Group’s groundbreaking work in search and rescue drone deployment, research, and training will be integrated into SLSQ’s use of advanced UAV and AI tech applications in its surf lifesaving operations.

“It made sense that rather than continue to contract with The Ripper Group as a provider, that…