What a drone sounds like on Mars. Not like a theremin.

NASA just released a video that not only shows the Ingenuity aircraft flying, but captured a little of what a drone sounds like on Mars. Spoiler alert: It doesn’t sound like a theremin.

Wouldn’t it be great if Mars sounded like it does in science fiction movie soundtracks? But the high screaming wail of the theremin will have to wait for earthling musicians to visit in some future solar system tour. In the meantime, we now know exactly what a drone does sound like when it slips the surly bonds of Mars. For the first time, a spacecraft on another planet recorded the sounds of a separate spacecraft. And here it is:

The Perseverance rover used one of its two microphones to listen as the Ingenuity helicopter flew on April 30. The audio comes from a microphone belonging to the rover’s SuperCam laser instrument. The laser zaps rocks to study their vapor with a spectrometer. Its microphone also records the…