This software will let you incorporate drone data into AR visualizations

Ever wondered how your drone-mapped 3D models or point clouds would look like in an augmented reality (AR) environment? Well, there’s a way to find out.

Typically, the datasets produced by aerial photogrammetry or LiDAR are quite large and difficult to visualize on AR headsets, iPad or Android tablets, and iPhone and Android mobile devices. But Arvizio, a provider of 3D visualization and AR/VR software for real-time collaboration across geographies, has now announced compatibility for drone data in its Immerse 3D solution.

Immerse 3D is a multi-user, multi-site, 3D model visualization platform that is optimized for complex BIM, CAD, LiDAR, and photogrammetry models. To stream industrial-scale data over the wide area network (WAN), it leverages the GPU power of the user’s PC, server, or cloud-based virtual machine.

So, without requiring the development of any custom application software, multiple users can collaborate and work with the content using simple, easily…