Sky Drone launches first G5-connected, RTF UAV

Hong Kong-based Sky Drone has revealed what it calls the world’s first ready-to-fly drone controlled entirely via 5G mobile network connection. A traditional radio controller is not required for takeoff, landing, or in-flight navigation.

5G enables unlimited BVLOS range

Sky Drone Mk1’s 5G connectivity gives it virtually unlimited control range. In theory, the craft could be flown by a pilot half the world away. The company believes that liberty will be a huge asset for enterprise clients expected to be the Mk1’s primary market – especially those often flying Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) missions.

Production of the Mk1 came in the wake of last August’s partnership between Sky Drone and China Mobile Hong Kong, as the latter evolved its networks from G4 to G5 technologies. As part of that push, China Mobile created an innovation platform. Through that, various partners accompanied China mobile’s tech evolution by adapting their remote capabilities that…