To talk about how to update your DJI Mavic Air, how to update your DJI Mavic Pro and how to update your DJI Spark, we share an image of the dji mavic pro controller and a Nexus 6P Android phone running the dji go 4 app.

In the early days of drones, there was the DJI GO app for consumer-class DJI drones, after that came the DJI GO 4 app for drones launched in 2016 and later. With the launch of the DJI Mavic Mini in 2019, the new DJI Fly app was released. These are the best tools available to process an update for your DJI drone.

Please note, the steps that follow will work for many DJI drones, but not all. Also, the exact screens have been known to change from time to time: please use the following as guideline, follow the prompts in the software for best results.

It’s important we note that the manual update via PC with the DJI Assistant 2 program hasn’t been working every time, use the mobile apps to run the updates where possible.

Update frequency

These days, it seams DJI pumps out an update to their machines on a monthly basis, if not more often. They may have an internal schedule to follow, but for the most part, the updates push out when there is a security/safety patch to process, or…