Asylon and Boston Dynamics Air and Ground-based Drones

A new partnership between Asylon and Boston Dynamics combines airborne and ground-based drones for the ultimate robotic security system.
PA-based Asylon has developed an industry-leading, fully automated drone solution for perimeter security.  Now, through the partnership with robotic research and development company Boston Dynamics, they’ll add a “DroneDog” – the Boston Dynamics unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) named Spot – to the solution.

The automated Remote Perimeter Security platform is known as DroneCore: and utilizes a security drone and a base station that autonomously replaces low batteries for 24/7 surveillance.  “The Asylon security drone is designed to provide organizations with the fastest response to emergencies and alarms. Through automated security patrols, the drone can integrate with advanced sensors or detect anomalies by itself that require a response, such as intruders or overheating machinery, and enable human response teams to be…