An autonomous drone ship, the Mayflower, will embark this May- DroneDJ

It’s been just over 400 years since the original Mayflower dropped anchor near the tip of what is now Cape Cod, Massachusetts, in late November of 1620. Now, a new Mayflower – substantially updated, of course – will embark on a new voyage of discovery.

First, a quick review. The original Mayflower was at sea for what must have been a grueling 10 weeks, carrying a group of religious families – 102 passengers and roughly 30 crew – from England to the new “Promised Land.” These Pilgrims were seeking religious freedom and a new life. Their first winter was a harsh one, and many of the Pilgrims perished during that season. But with the help of First Nations peoples, the Pilgrims learned to farm and forage, celebrating their first Thanksgiving alongside those indigenous people who helped them in the fall of 1621. There’s much more to the story, of course, and if you’re hankering for a quick history briefing, you can check out more here.

Now, let’s get into…