Firefighting drones equipped with thermal imaging cameras will help West Midlands Fire Service to improve situational awareness and support effective decision-making on the ground.

West Midlands Fire Service is the second-largest fire and rescue service in the United Kingdom. Its job is to keep the 2.9 million people of the West Midlands safe. And to ensure this, the organization deploys 1,200 firefighters across 38 fire stations covering an area of 902 square kilometers.

This week, the fire service brought in six Mavic 2 Enterprise drones with dual visible and thermal imagery cameras. The drones will capture vital aerial video footage and high-resolution still images to empower the first responders with immediate aerial intelligence.

The built-in  thermal imaging cameras will be instrumental in  identifying hotspots and heat sources, and giving the firefighters the essential information needed to optimize the response and extinguish the fire safely.

The fire service…