The FAA UAS Symposium: Mark Your Calendars!

FAA UAS SymposiumThe FAA and AUVSI will co-host the FAA UAS Symposium again this year, at two information packed sessions held in June and September.  Mark your calendars for Episodes III and IV, June 9-10, 2021, and September 14-15, 2021.

Register now for the opportunity to hear from industry experts and U.S. and international aviation authorities on the topics most important to the drone ecosystem this year “including the operations over people rule, remote identification, airspace authorizations, waivers, the part 107 small UAS rule, changes in hobbyists’ drone operations, and other policies and regulations,” says the FAA announcement.

“Drones. Here for Good,” was last year’s theme of the FAA UAS Symposium: with public safety drone programs, UTM, global standards and the Integration Pilot Program (IPP) all central to the program.

This year Episode III, June 9-10, “will concentrate on international operations, STEM, public safety operations, recreational drone operations, and…