The gang at TechRadar noticed something odd about the photos taken by the DJI Air 2S. Its 20MP, 1-inch sensor capable of capturing 5.4K video at 30 FPS is good alright. But the Air 2S RAW photos seem too good.  

The drone camera’s performance at high ISO sensitivities seemed way too clean. Using a higher ISO typically means better exposures in darker conditions but at the cost of a more noisy picture. So, where was the noise?

TechRadar says DJI confirms that “temporal denoising technology is used on the RAW files” on the Air 2S.

So basically, the Air 2S RAW files aren’t the raw product of the camera at all. They’re processed. This isn’t going to concern many owners, who are perfectly happy with the 20 MP JPEG still photos the camera takes. And they’ve been processed to death. But professional photographers really like to tweak those RAW files, and Photoshop can do a lot more elaborate tweaking with a RAW file than it can with the much smaller JPEG format.