Yesterday our featured drone film thrilled (and chilled) us with frozen scenes right from The Revenant. Today, airborne shutterbug Carlos Gauna gives us the willies with real-life outtakes from Jaws

Even drones flinch

Gauna, a professional photographer in Southern California, shoots all sorts of subjects in a variety of staged and natural settings. This month, however, he drew eyeballs – and dropped jaws – with drone footage of dozens of Malibu surfers having the time of their lives in terrifying proximity to numerous sharks. 

Not just sharks, mind you, but great whites. And by “proximity,” we’re talking the-surfers-actually-touch-them-without-knowing encounters of the way-too-close kind. 

I took a drive south to warmer waters in Southern California and filmed a group of white sharks among surfers enjoying the surf. On a few occasions the sharks approached the surfers closely. The surfers don’t appear to know they aren’t alone in the water.