One of the challenges regulators have is getting across their message. In this example, the folks from the comms department of the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) have really nailed it.

Have you ever tried reading regulatory documents? We certainly have. And while they’re important and lay out the nitty-gritty of regulations, they’re not always easy to read. As a result, many people don’t read them. It seems the communications people at EASA realized this could be an issue and decided to make a video that could explain the basic rules for piloting a drone in EU nations. They could have produced a dry recitation of the basic rules and marked the task as “done.”

Instead, they produced something that really works.

EU and drones

Unlike the United States, EASA regulations don’t distinguish between commercial and recreational operations. Instead, they look at the weight and specs of a drone and the intended operations. Depending on how much risk is…