AUVSI’s big XPONENTIAL conference is continuing for another day. We took in an expert panel discussing the challenges – and the promise – of Beyond Visual Line of Sight.

Most of us are familiar by now with the term Beyond Visual Line of Sight. It refers to flying an unmanned aircraft beyond a distance where the pilot can still see it with his (or her) naked eye. Without specific regulatory permission (a waiver, certificate, or other authorization), this kind of flight is not allowed. But it is coming on a wider scale and will at some point be considered routine.

An XPONENTIAL panel of experts discussed how we get there…from here.


Start chatting with someone in the know about where drones are headed, and it won’t be long before you hear the acronym, which is pronounced “Bee-vee-loss.” It’s on the radar because solving the BVLOS issue will eventually open the doors to long-distance drone operations, including the delivery of medicines and other critical…