How do you design a lesson plan that students wouldn’t forget in a hurry? You introduce drones in the classroom.

With drones becoming ubiquitous in everyday life, educators are quickly realizing that these flying machines can make science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) concepts more appealing to students. Let’s take a look at four real-world examples from around the globe where math teachers are using drones to spark students’ curiosity and help them learn new skills.

1. Drones teach primary school math in England

At Delamere Academy in Cheshire, England, an enterprising key stage two teacher has been using drones to teach kids multiplication tables. The class heads out to the school’s playing fields, and the students arrange themselves into different number formations. The drone captures the scene from above:

Multiplication lessons from the sky

While the approach may look simplistic to an adult, for the kids, these classes will easily become some of…