Spectacular Ice Age Lake Baikal filmed by DJI Mini 2

Anyone who still shivers recalling The Revenant or gulag escape movie The Way Back ought to bundle up before watching filmmaker Vadim Sherbakov’s drone-shot The Noor. Even those without a sweater handy should take a gander, however­­– frostbite be damned.

DJI Mini 2 marvel

The 2:17 video is a (nearly literally) breathtaking voyage to the Ice Age, as Sherbakov pilots his DJI Mini 2 over winter-gripped Lake Baïkal. The surface of the eastern Siberia lake – the world’s largest body of fresh water – is frozen so thick it looks unlikely to ever thaw again. Indeed, anyone who has seen Lake Baïkal in summer months will wonder how Sharbakov’s subject could possibly be the same place.

But it’s the footage of the snow- and cold-gnarled coasts and rocks jutting up from the lake that prove particularly impressive. The glacial scenery is so inclement, inhospitable, and uniquely formidable that brief glimpses of passing cars and humans venturing out seem not just out…