Of drone deliveries, tech accelerators, and getting more women to fly

In an exclusive interview with DroneDJ, Claire Owen talks about founding multiple companies with no college degree, building humane software, exceeding business expectations during a pandemic, and getting more women to be a part of the drone industry. Read on…

Let’s just say she likes to be on the move. Growing up in South West England, her heart was set on sports. She continued to play hockey even when she moved to London after school. School, by the way, was Pangbourne College in the English county of Berkshire, where she got in through sports and academic scholarship. But by the time she turned 16, Claire Owen thought she knew it all. And she quit.

“Only to learn very quickly that I definitely didn’t know it all.”

The early years of her professional life were spent trying out different career paths – assisting in sales and marketing of a pharmaceutical company, doing basic bookkeeping at an investment firm, negotiating deals for real estate organizations….