Zipline, the company that’s been flying automated medical delivery missions in Africa since 2016, believes fully automated drone fleets are the future. It made its case during a keynote presentation at the online XPONENTIAL conference, running today through Thursday.

We’re big fans of Zipline and have been since the outset. The company has rapidly scaled to become the world’s largest automated delivery service, dispatching flights every four minutes or so from one of its bases. Of course, the company cut its teeth with deliveries in Rwanda before expanding to Ghana and, now, some deliveries in the United States.

After watching today’s presentation, there’s no denying the company has developed a really outstanding system for the dispatching and monitoring of drones at scale.


The company, if you’re not familiar, specializes in medical deliveries. It might be blood products, anti-venom serums for snake bites, antibiotics, or prescription medication. When…