Retail giant Kroger has announced trial grocery deliveries by drones – a move that could revolutionize the way the 138-year-old company does business.

Drone diaper drops

Kroger is teaming up with Telegrid Technologies unit Drone Express in the test operation from a single store near the retailer’s Cincinnati birthplace. The trial run is slated to begin this week at the Centerville, Ohion, outlet. A second is planned for this summer in a California Ralphs store. Payloads of up to five pounds will be drone-delivered as fast as 15 minutes after orders are placed.

Given the kinds of groceries Kroger moves the most, bundles of popular goods – such as baby care products, first aid supplies, and s’mores ingredients – will be offered for single-click purchasing. The world’s second-largest retailer is also factoring flexibility into drone deliveries to cater to shoppers’ movements. 

Anywhere, anytime

Orders can be delivered to home addresses registered in the…