EHang, a pioneer in passenger-grade drones and urban air mobility solutions, is making sure that when it launches its air taxis in Europe, everybody takes notice.

China-headquartered EHang is joining forces with Rome-based architecture firm Giancarlo Zema Design Group to design eco-sustainable drone taxi airports – aka vertiports – in Italy. And the design they have finalized takes our breath away! Just look:

The upside-down tree

Inspired by the majestic ‘tree of life’

The vertiport is going to be a 30-meter-high structure constructed out of steel and laminated wood. The inspiration for its design comes from the baobab tree, which is native to the African savannah. With this eco-inspired design, the company hopes the vertiports will blend organically into surrounding nature.

If you have seen The Lion King (home to Rafiki the monkey) or Avatar (the Tree of Souls), you’d know that the baobab is iconic. But the tree’s iconic status transcends the boundaries of…