Drone video reveals first look of ‘Star Wars: Andor’ film set

Happy Star Wars Day, everyone! And boy, have we got a little treat for you from a galaxy far, far away!

Star Wars is a cult phenomenon that belies all pop culture norms. Its appeal transcends generations, political affiliations, hobbies, interests, everything. The franchise just knows how to cater to everyone – from 5-year-olds to 75-year-olds. So, when it comes to dissecting, debating, and discussing every little detail in every little scene from the galactic saga, it’s not just the hardcore fans who can’t get enough. It triggers excitement in just about all of us.

You’re probably aware that Disney is working on a 12-part original series set in the Star Wars universe. It’s called Andor, supposed to be a prequel to the hit film Rogue One, and filming is already underway at London’s Pinewood Studios.

This month, the production crew moved into a beachfront resort café in a small English town called Cleveleys. And an enterprising drone pilot, Craig Newman, caught…