You’ve no doubt heard of Spot, the Boston Dynamics robot that looks vaguely like a dog. And you’ve likely heard of drones being used for security purposes. Now… what it you put both these technologies together?

If you want to monitor something and do it well, aerial drones can be a great choice. This is especially true for automated systems, where the drone can take off and land from a charging station and carry out its mission autonomously. But while an eye in the sky can be helpful, there’s also nothing like boots on the ground.

In this case, four robotic boots.

Integrated security

In a news release, Asylon Inc. has announced a partnership with Boston Dynamics. The end goal is to integrate its Spot Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV) into the Asylon DroneCore Robotic Perimeter Security platform. Think of Spot walking a pre-programmed path through an area you want secured, with its data enhancing that captured by drone. This combo or aerial and ground surveillance will…