An American storm chaser captured some astonishing video over the weekend. He managed to intercept a tornado with a drone, and the footage is something else.

Storm chasers are a really interesting breed. I had an opportunity, as a reporter at the Toronto Star, to join some chasers through the US Midwest many years ago. Some earn their living by chasing storms and selling footage, while others merely fulfill their passion by witnessing and capturing photos and videos of Mother Nature at her most spectacular. All of the chasers I met were weather geeks with really deep knowledge about forecasting. (Several, in fact, were meteorologists.)

And many of these guys (and gals) take drones on their trips.

A safe distance

The chasers I met were cautious and always acutely aware of the deadly power of tornados. And so nearly all of them carried long lenses so they’d still be able to capture footage without having to get too close.

But wow, the Holy Grail for a chaser would be a…