PC Mohan, MP Bengaluru Central & his special task force formed two weeks ago have developed a novel strategy to adopt advanced drone technology in the fight against Covid-19.

Active New Covid-19 Cases reached a Historic high of 3.5 lakhs yesterday. While the nation has been reeling due to a sudden surge, a special task force headed by PC Mohan has roped in renowned drone startup, Garuda Aerospace. The startup will deploy drones to deliver Covid-19 Vaccines to remote locations & sanitize primary health care centers.

“For the first time in India, Drone Delivery of Covid Vaccines will undergo feasibility analysis & field trials in Karnataka under the watchful eyes of Karnataka Health Ministry & the Special Taskforce,” said PC Mohan.

He added, “The increasing demand of Covid-19 Vaccines at Primary health centers has prompted the special task force to commence utilizing Drones in the Fight Against Covid-19”.

The MP expressed optimism on the initiative by saying, “If…


Source: www.geospatialworld.net