Girl Scout Cookies by Drone: Wing Helps Local Troop

girl scout cookies by droneDrone logistics and delivery expert Wing helped local troops deliver Girl Scout Cookies by drone this spring.

Delivering in Christianburg, VA as part of the FAA Integration Pilot Program and now the BEYOND program, Wing has made extraordinary efforts to work with the community of Christianburg, VA.  As a result, new research from VA Tech and the Mid-Atlantic Aviation Partnership (MAAP) shows that drone delivery has a high approval rating with residents – and programs like this one to help delivery Girl Scout Cookies by drone are part of the reason.

“Not only are we delivering cookies via drone, we’re working with the local scouts to show them how drone delivery works and hopefully inspire some to pursue a STEM career. In return, they’re teaching us a lot about how to sell cookies,” says Wing.

“We began talking to the local troop in Christiansburg about a month ago. Even with loosening COVID restrictions, the traditional method of selling cookies outside of grocery…