As an experienced photographer, I decided to add new angles to my work. And the Mavic Mini proved to be just the tool for my first drone purchase.

A year ago, while in the relatively new scary and uncertain months of COVID-19, I found myself looking hard for distractions. I’ll admit, retail therapy was something I leaned on a bit for comfort. As a photographer, I felt I had exhausted that particular doomshopping angle and started looking elsewhere. While the six-month-old DJI Mavic Mini had blipped on my radar, reaching beyond a 6-foot distance may have influenced my deeper dive. This dive was my introduction to DroneDJ. So I’m delighted that a year after entering drone life, I have joined on as one of this website’s newest writers.

What was it that made me ultimately choose the DJI Mavic Mini as my first drone? Like other newbie pilots, it was the 249-gram weight that influenced me the most. It seemed that the low-weight laws made this new hobby simpler to start….