As drones go, inexpensive Holy Stone mini makes the cut

Da-Jiang Innovations, commonly called DJI, makes the best drones, according to just about everyone. But who wants to spend a thousand dollars? I don’t know about you, but I’m not planning to become a drone professional.

Recently, I borrowed a $31 Holy Stone HS 210 mini-drone from a friend. It’s astonishingly easy to fly, compared with the previous miniature drone I flew. The old quadcopter shot past me like a rocket, banging against every obstacle in my apartment. Not this time.

Push a button on the 3-inch-by-3-inch flying machine, and it launches. Push another, and it flies in circles. Push another and it does aerial flips or lands. Push two buttons — if it’s about to hit Aunt Sally — and it shuts off instantly. It hovers in midair like it’s sitting on a solid surface. A user on Amazon said it got her anti-drone daughter back to flying with the family.

The HS 210 stays aloft for 21 minutes if you use all three rechargeable batteries, one at a time for seven minutes each. Set it…