Looking to up your skills as an aerial cinematographer/photographer? This might just be the ticket.

Okay. So you consider yourself a pretty decent pilot. Your photos and video look good. Yet when you see some of the stellar images and videos that pop up on Instagram and YouTube, you think: Wow… that’s amazing. The question is, how do you get there from here?

Maybe by getting some help.


YouTube can be your friend here. If you’re on a budget and willing to poke around, you’ll find there are some pretty decent tutorials out there. But a lot of them are one-off productions: How to dial down your gimbal settings for smooth cinematic shots. That kind of thing. And while those can be useful, in our experience they’re never quite as helpful as a full-on course that’s been designed to take you from point A to B to C.

That’s where this offer comes in.

Drone Adventurer MasterClass

When we first met Johan Vandenhecke last fall, we were impressed. Though he’d…


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