Manna, an Ireland-based drone delivery startup, has scooped up $25 million in Series A funding to scale its fleet and expand into the US market. And to head its US operations, the company has quietly roped in Andrew Patton, the former Lead of Strategy and Growth at Wing, a Google-developed drone delivery company.

Manna, which pitches itself as an aviation-grade B2B drone delivery “as-a-service” firm, designs, builds and operates its own drones. The drones can carry a cargo of up to 3kgs and reach top speeds of 80kph to guarantee a delivery time of less than three minutes in catchment areas as large as 50 square kilometers.

A single Manna employee is trained to operate multiple drones simultaneously, ensuring nearly 20 deliveries per hour. This is 10 times what can be achieved with traditional road-based delivery services.

Where is Manna now?

At present, the startup is conducting drone delivery trials in suburban last-mile settings of Galway, Ireland. With more than 30…