Photo of iFlight Taurus X8

With a payload of up to 2Kg, the iFlight Taurus X8 HD drone can be equipped with professional-grade DSLR photo cameras and digital cinema video cameras like Red Komodo, Z-Cam, or BMPCC. The CNC camera mount allows adjusting camera angles within 5° and 35°.

When it comes to installing an $8000 camera on a flying platform, you expect some kind of redundancy against hardware failure. The Taurus X8 CineLifter comes with 8 rotors and two ESC boards. The manufacturer claims, if one propeller brokes, one motor fails, or one ESC blows, you will still be able to land safely. Furthermore, it has an onboard M8Q-5883-GPS, which can be configured with fail-safe return to home (RC signal loss or Manual trigger). 

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Redundancy safety deising

The iFlight Taurus X8 frame has a 400mm wheelbase and can be equipped with 8-inch propellers. There are two Xing 2806.5 motors installed on one under the other at the end of each arm. Its SucceX-D…