German pilots film their drone hack of a Tesla

It’s well known short traders are atop the many, many things Tesla honcho Elon Musk hates in this world. But it’s a safe bet mischievous drone geeks now populate that list ­– especially after a pair of pilots hacked one of his luxury rides open from the air.

Pushing Tesla’s buttons

In a video shown during their April 29 presentation at the virtual CanSecWest security conference, the daring duo described the manner they went about hacking a Tesla Model X from a hovering DJI Mavic 2. They said multiple test runs using a Wi-Fi dongle allowed them to compromise the car’s command system in three minutes or less. They demonstrated their exploit with elevated footage of an empty blue Tesla obediently flapping its doors open and shut on command.

Jump to minute 36 in the admittedly unspectacular video for views and a brief description of the aerial hack. And if the no-drama delivery seems too staid to be entertaining, just imagine how massively cheesed off Musk must…