Parrot has struck a deal with situational awareness technology expert, Rapid Imaging, to equip its drone videos with geospatial augmented reality (AR) capabilities. It’s an intriguing partnership.

Think of it as Google Maps features being transposed on aerial video displays, allowing specific locations to be pinned or geocoded in real-time using GPS-provided coordinates. That would be incredibly useful ­– not to mention very cool. The enhancement, however, will initially be available to government and business users of Parrot’s ANAFI USA and ANAFI drones. Yet history has shown nothing that wicked is denied consumers long (especially when there’s a buck or two to be made).

Parrot AR

The new AR capabilities are provided by Rapid Imaging’s SmartCam3D® SDK, allowing qualified users to interact with live video feeds as they do elsewhere with digital maps. 

SmartCam3D overlays essential geospatial data on real-time drone video. In the case of ANAFI USA craft,…